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“Who will rise up for me against the evil-doers? Who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity?”

(Tehilim/Psalms 94:17 JPS 1917)

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Builders of Zion

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Raymond - Singapore

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AJewWithaView - London

The Islamic Revolution

The Islamic revolution that is sweeping the earth today is not radical Islam – it is Islam revealed. The zealous Muslims who are spearheading this revolution – the so-called terrorists – are simply faithful members of the Ummah, the collective Muslim body, who are obeying that which is ....... (more)

Federman and His Farm

October 26, 2008, at approximately 1:30 a.m., Noam Federman’s windows and doors were broken through, not by the usual terrorists, but by government forces on a mission to terrorize.... (more)


Video by  Builders of Zion

In the Maccabean Resistance video, part of of “The Zionist Series,” Ed and Sandra Warmoth explore the headliner Hilltop Youth and settlement movement in the Biblical Heartland of Israel.  During a frank roundtable discussion with Hilltop Youth leader and “First Lady” of Judea and Samaria, Daniella Weiss, and fellow activists, the Maccabean Resistance brings to light Israel’s untold side of the Arab-Israeli conflict.  Rich with maps and background information, this presentation demonstrates that the creation of a state of “palestine” upon the Jewish Biblical Inheritance will usher in anything but peace.

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What You Can DO -- A Call For Action

Wickedness does not rest, even as the Holiday Season approaches... (more)

New Report From Builders of Zion:

“Revolutionary Islam and the

Arab-Israeli Conflict: Connecting the Dots”

Every spiritual leader should read this report, then teach their congregation about the Islamic revolutionary threat to the free world and how we can stop it, before it is too late...... (more)


For decades, our global community has been tolerating leadership that sanitizes and promotes Islam as a religion of peace and coexistence, which suffers from a few radicals exporting international terrorism.  That Islam is a peaceful religion desirous of coexistence is....... 
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